Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sun Safety Crosswords

Room 19 have been learning how to be safe in the sun.  Here are some crosswords they have made that will help you to be sun smart too.

By Grace

By Harlem

By Riley

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

School Athletics Day

On Wednesday, 25 October the annual School Athletics Day was held. Students participated in 5 events: sprints, 800m run, high jump, long jump and shot put push.  Everyone put in a great amount of effort to do the best they possibly could.  Here are some photos from the day...

Thursday, October 19, 2017


This week has been the Indian celebration of Diwali, Festival of Lights.  Room 19 has been learning all about this festival. Here are some acrostic poems we have written about Diwali.

Dancing with joy
In a
Winter festival
Already everyone is
Lighting their diyas
In Diwali

By Arham

Decorations at Diwali are called Rangoli.

India celebrates Diwali to bring good luck and light.

Wealth is what you get if you welcome the goddess in your house.

Animals are also used as Rangoli patterns.

Lights are what Indians use to celebrate Diwali.

Indians use bright colored chalk, crushed limestone and rice powder to colour Rangoli patterns.

By Liliana and Grace

D - Diwali is a festival of light
I- In India, Diwali is the most famous and largely celebrated holiday   
W- We celebrate Diwali to honor Rama- chandra the seventh avatar
A - Another name for Diwali is Deepaavali
L - lit candles surrounded hindus.
I- In India they celebrate the festival by exchanging gifts , wearing new clothes and preparing festival meals  

By Ala and Chanel

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Show, Don't Tell - Character Descriptions

We have been learning to show, not tell in their writing.

Here are some of their character descriptions where they are focusing on show,  not tell.

The ibes-fen-cra-phant-tortoise
It is an ugly sight. A tortoise like back and elephant legs make me scared. And I won't forget the giant, black spiky snippers as pointy as the eiffel tower! As big as a baby at least. The enormous goat horns made me shiver! His face is so black he looks red! He is as short as a leprechaun but is quite bulky. His ears are as big as stones.
By Alex

The bis-cra-at-lion
Up flew the creature,she has grey shiny wings that show her black veins. As she flies around outside while the wind blows furiously,you could see her sizeable grey snippers stealing babies lollipops.She has horns as massive as a cow ,also light brown curly hair that is as short as a mouse's tail.As she walks down the street everyone is scared of her yellow and brown tail she just crossed the road and she went home and had a nap.
By Ane

The Bis-conda-cra-elly-ondor-stingray

The sight was out of the ordinary. It had a long pink slithery tongue sticking out of the mouth, claws as pointy as a blade and it’s hard shell around it. It had smooth white horns. I tried to look away but it was too amazing too. I had to do something about this ugly creature. It had blue slimy jellyfish legs floating across the sea I looked behind it and saw it’s mutated wings barfing out his back. He had a sharp wobbly barb on his back that frightened me to death. I knew I had to go after that.

By Barron
By Ala

It was a good day and I was hiking but all of a sudden I got pulled in a cave. I could not help but notice his huge black pointy nipers that are spiky all over. Right away I knew he was a friendly creature, he only pulled me into the cave because an arrow was heading towards me. He had a regular head and hair but silver shiny horns. He also had huge black wings that blocked the sun coming into the cave but he had blue seahorse legs but he hovered with the wings. With the seahorse legs I  imagined that he could also swim through the water like a mermaid. He turned a round and I noticed he had a long scaley rough tail like a crocodile.
By Ryan

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Upcycle Challenge

Today was the school Upcycle Challenge.  Students needed to create a product or art piece using anything that would be thrown out or recycled and change it to make a new or better product, or a product that can be used in a new way. Room 19 students have been working hard and produced some fantastic products.

Here they are with their creations...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Longest Paper Chain!

Today in maths Room 19 had a challenge - who could make the longest paper chain out of 1 piece of A4 paper?

Students could either do this individually or with a buddy. There were many different strategies used and the chains ranged in length from 1.36m up to 6.76m!

Here we are creating, measuring and judging our chains.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Character Descriptions

We have been learning to describe the physical features of a character.  We needed to include adjectives, similes and strong/interesting vocabulary choices in our writing.  Here are some of our descriptions.  Find more on individual blogs.

Surprisingly my nana’s soft smooth wrinkled skin is like a pillow that is smooth and comfy. When I strolled down the hallway I caught a glimpse of her goldish blazing brown eyes that
Were polished like a sunny sun.Without hesitation I saw white cringe hair like a cloud in the air. After her shower she wore her murky black PJ’s that looked like a dark cave. All of a sudden I saw her colour she was tan like a luminous latex brown.Suddenly she got Up and stepped slowly like a sloth moving to the kitchen.

By Victor

The Man
Without hesitation, I stared at short and brown hair. I’m not going to lie I am actually impressed how intelligent this man could possibly be. Without warning, he spent most of his life indoors. Surprisingly, he is as lazy as a tired cat. In a blink of an eye, I stared at him outside my classroom and noticed he created all those cool rules. He actually has tiny and small ears poking out of his head
By Abhishek

The Lady
As I peer out the side of my eye I could see her move in her slow pace. The wind blows against her making her blonde hair glide behind her like its a cape. I look closely at her skin,  it was glowing like honey glow to a bear. If you listen closely you could hear her brown boots go thump as she walks on the pavement. I got a glimpse of her bright blue eyes. I am walking behind her seeing she is wearing a silky t-shirt and a baggy pants that are as black night.
By Xylia