Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Character Descriptions

We have been learning to describe the physical features of a character.  We needed to include adjectives, similes and strong/interesting vocabulary choices in our writing.  Here are some of our descriptions.  Find more on individual blogs.

Surprisingly my nana’s soft smooth wrinkled skin is like a pillow that is smooth and comfy. When I strolled down the hallway I caught a glimpse of her goldish blazing brown eyes that
Were polished like a sunny sun.Without hesitation I saw white cringe hair like a cloud in the air. After her shower she wore her murky black PJ’s that looked like a dark cave. All of a sudden I saw her colour she was tan like a luminous latex brown.Suddenly she got Up and stepped slowly like a sloth moving to the kitchen.

By Victor

The Man
Without hesitation, I stared at short and brown hair. I’m not going to lie I am actually impressed how intelligent this man could possibly be. Without warning, he spent most of his life indoors. Surprisingly, he is as lazy as a tired cat. In a blink of an eye, I stared at him outside my classroom and noticed he created all those cool rules. He actually has tiny and small ears poking out of his head
By Abhishek

The Lady
As I peer out the side of my eye I could see her move in her slow pace. The wind blows against her making her blonde hair glide behind her like its a cape. I look closely at her skin,  it was glowing like honey glow to a bear. If you listen closely you could hear her brown boots go thump as she walks on the pavement. I got a glimpse of her bright blue eyes. I am walking behind her seeing she is wearing a silky t-shirt and a baggy pants that are as black night.
By Xylia


  1. hey guys im really impressed with the work especially with adjectives keep up the great work.

  2. I love your writing very discriptive.

  3. Thank you for that nice comment.