Thursday, October 19, 2017


This week has been the Indian celebration of Diwali, Festival of Lights.  Room 19 has been learning all about this festival. Here are some acrostic poems we have written about Diwali.

Dancing with joy
In a
Winter festival
Already everyone is
Lighting their diyas
In Diwali

By Arham

Decorations at Diwali are called Rangoli.

India celebrates Diwali to bring good luck and light.

Wealth is what you get if you welcome the goddess in your house.

Animals are also used as Rangoli patterns.

Lights are what Indians use to celebrate Diwali.

Indians use bright colored chalk, crushed limestone and rice powder to colour Rangoli patterns.

By Liliana and Grace

D - Diwali is a festival of light
I- In India, Diwali is the most famous and largely celebrated holiday   
W- We celebrate Diwali to honor Rama- chandra the seventh avatar
A - Another name for Diwali is Deepaavali
L - lit candles surrounded hindus.
I- In India they celebrate the festival by exchanging gifts , wearing new clothes and preparing festival meals  

By Ala and Chanel

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