Thursday, May 4, 2017

Holiday Recounts

This week room 19 have been learning to write recounts. We wrote about something we did in the holidays. We have focused on using paragraphs for new events.

Here are some of our recounts.


Finally It was time to go to Waihi.  I went with Tyler, Brooklyn, my cousin, Brad, Aunty Julia and my other cousin, Mickala. We went there because we have never been there before.

We started to unpack our stuff from the car, we had a LOT of stuff for one day. I went to my room and dibbeds the top bunk plus I put all my clothes in the room. Then I went to get my scooter.  It was so packed in the car all the clothes and scooters fell on ME. Yeah ME I got hurt.

A few minutes later we ran to the playground. It was a  huge playground, It had a tramp, slide, seesaw, monkey bars, plus a tunnel. We played on the seesaw with my cuzzie Brooklyn.  I jumped on  the tamp, slide, monkey bars and  I had so much fun i stayed there until 4.00. I loved the playground.

It was time to hire the rocket bmx bikes. It was so cool riding them. We rode the bmx bikes to the beach and the bay it was awesome. Then the next day we hired the go karts it was cool.  I went around the camp with Brooklyn, he loved it. Then it was my other cousin  Tyler, he went down the hill and crashed the go kart and it flipped over. Tyler hurt my arm, both knees and my chin. It was sore.

I was so astonished how different it was to all the other campsites in New Zealand. It was awesome. The one thing, all  the other NZ camp sites are less exciting .This was my  favourite camp site in NZ I have been to in my life.

By Kiara

The Pools

In the school holidays I went to the pools with my mum and my sisters. We went there because we were bored sitting at home, but before that i had to get ready.

Eventually, it was time to go to the pools, so we left around 2-3 and we got there at 3.15. After, we made it to the amazing pools, but first we had to get changed into our togs.

Finally,it was time to have some fun, so we took a dip in the pools. It was as cold as ice. My sister and I had races, sadly I lost. Anyway, then we played with the soaking water-gun, I kept on going under the water so I didn’t get shot. I was also swimming around.

Later, we had to go home, but that wasn’t all, before we went home we went Burger King. I ordered a sundae, a drink, large fries and a bk chicken burger. It tasted super delicious. Eventually, we had to go home and take a break.

I had a great experience swimming around in the freezing pools. It’s great exercise and lots of fun too, but my favourite part was the eating.

By Abhishek

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